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Dymond Cleantech is an eco-innovative electrochemical water treatment technique using superior quality diamond electrodes for effective disinfection and purification of water

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Holistic modeling of the water treatment system with optimized mechanical design, maximized performance and high reliability provide us with a competitive edge. The smart-cleaning technology decreases...


Cost effective

Electrochemical water disinfection is a rarely used, but highly efficient, eco-friendly and an inexpensive way to produce germ-free and pollutant-free water. Diamond electrodes possess superior...


We do not use any chemicals to clean the water. The very chemical that is capable of cleaning water is present within water itself and hence we do not need any additional chemicals. Diamond splits the water.... 


Dymond Cleantech technology can be used by a wide sector of industries and the yield/efficiency can be altered based on their requirements. Hence, our product are mainly custom-made as per the demands...

Water for all

In the water purification process, prime importance is attributed to the fight against the pathogenic micro-organisms, very easily and abundantly compromising the quality and reliability of potable water...

Eco and Energy-efficient

A big portion of the carbon footprints from the wastewater treatment plants are from the indirect emissions of CO₂, which is caused by the intensive energy consumption. We have developed a smart-cleaning... 



Most conventional wastewater treatment cannot effectively eliminate micro-pollutants and pharmaceutical wastes. With Dymond Cleantech technology the organic compounds are oxidized without leaving...


Diamond is proven to be an excellent material because of its absolute purity, high stability and robustness. Our technology takes advantage of the superior quality of diamond electrodes providing...

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