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Conventional water treatment methods require energy-intensive processes, the use of environmentally harmful chemicals and extensive maintenance. Dymond Cleantech uses no chemicals to clean the water, the very chemical that is capable of cleaning water is present within water the hydroxyl radical (a free radical). Diamond splits the water into very reactive hydroxyl radical that incinerates the organic pollutants and microbes within a fraction of a second. We have the technical know-how in generating hydroxyl radical much efficiently compared to our competitors. 

This innovative electrochemical water treatment system is optimally matched to the needs and requirements of potential customers. 

Our technology can be easily incorporated in large-scale industrial wastewater management, water purification plants, point-of-use applications and laboratories. 

Our innovations

Apart from cost effective, eco-friendly, chemical and waste free technology, our solution is unique because we provide energy efficient water cleaning through a novel biofilm removal technology. Biofilm formation and mineral deposit can affect the overall efficiency of the treatment process, which increase the operating cost. Using the biofilm removal and diamond electrode activation technique, we not only increase the efficiency but also durability of the electrode.

Further research is being conducted to implement innovative methods to maximize the efficiency of the treatment process. According to our calculation, the smart cleaning technology decreases the power consumption up to 60%, making the operating cost only to a fraction of what our competitors offer. 

Holistic modeling of the water treatment system with optimized mechanical design, maximized performance and high reliability provide us with a competitive edge. This model forms the basis of our product development. Dymond Cleantech aims to introduce a highly efficient system with low operating and maintenance costs and long service life.  

Demo of the "Dymond Magic 1"

Demo of the "Dymond Magic 2"


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