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Dymond Cleantech is specialized in electrochemical water treatment using diamond electrodes. We founded our company to commercialize the cutting edge water purification technology originated from our several years of research work. 

Dymond Cleantech mission is “To provide innovative and efficient wastewater treatment solution”. Our research and industrial knowledge will be an asset in providing service and consultation for all kind of wastewater treatment and water purification and disinfection options, from large-scale to small-scale, from high-quality to low-quality requirements. Dymond Cleantech emphasizes on better quality production using minimal resources and energy, integration of design and manufacturing activities with suitable new manufacturing processes and techniques. Our motto is 'reuse, reduce and recycle' and we make sure that the carbon footprint is kept at minimum during all production processes.  


Dr. Raphael Kiran

Dr. Philippe Bergonzo

- Dr. Raphael Kiran, electrochemist with solid knowledge and research experience in electrochemical water purification. Founder & CEO.

- Dr. Philippe Bergonzo senior research scientist at CEA-Saclay manages Diamond sensor Laboratory is in charge of R&D and technical services. Co-founder & CTO. 

Our corporate partners include Diamond Sensors Laboratory (CEA), Emfab, La Paillasse and Paris French tech ticket.

Diamond Sensors Laboratory is our primary partners in research activities.

Emfab support us in product concepts, designs, prototypes, risk analysis and development of the product.
La Paillasse

We are incubated at La Paillasse. We are provided with hi-tech workshops and co-working space.

We are the winners of Paris French Tech Ticket program, an initative by the government to promote creating startup in Paris.


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